Hainan, China

May 30th, 2009 Tony Hon 1 comment

Just back from our honeymoon in Hainan, China. It’s kinda like a little Hawaii, lot of coconuts and sea. Just a few disappointments like no hot water, no air condition in one of the hotel, electricity went out, found a palm sized spider in the hotel room, bus air condition went down for 2 hours (no windows), eat crappy food, everything else is pretty good. I will post the spider photo later!!

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Tony & Suki Wedding Banquet – short version

May 27th, 2009 Tony Hon 3 comments

This is a posting on our big wedding banquet day.  The day starting with going to the bride’s house to get the bride, walk to her 8th floor apartment, twice, by stairs, and go to another place on 7th floor again…….anyway, my day start at 8am, and I don’t havea rest until 10pm at night.  We will go to honeymoon today, so I am just making a post with some of the hundreds of photo and videos taken that day, just to give you an idea of what happen that day.

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Offically Married!

May 18th, 2009 Tony Hon 2 comments

I am offically married now, on paper.  It was at the Hong Kong’s Cotton Tree Drive Marriage Registry, with some of my family, relatives, and friends.  It only takes about 15 minutes.  There still a big supper to come in just a few days, that’s the traditional wedding, and it will last from 8 in the morning all the way to midnight, I will be tired….Now just see some photos, please click here.

Tony Hon and Suki Leung

Tony Hon and Suki Leung

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iPod and Pizza

May 10th, 2009 Tony Hon No comments

This couple days is kinda relaxing. I went to the biggest computer place in Guangzhou, Pacific Computer Mall. It consist of a few buildings. But after a while, the shops kinda repeating. For example, I’ve seen about 3 Sony shop there selling exactly the same thing. Apple shop have at least 4. I bought an iPod Touch skins there. The funny thing is, the sales at the Apple shop ask me if I had jailbreak mine yet or not, he can even help me to break it, lol. But I refused, may be later. We went to Pizza Hut after a while, and the Pizza Hut here is different than Canada, they have Escargot and Crab Meat in a shell. Delicious.

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The Real Dim Sum

May 6th, 2009 Tony Hon No comments

After the wedding photo, got to eat something good.  This is a real Tea Resturant.  I look at the menu, it have more than 100 different kind of tea for you to pick from, I’ve never seen it myself.  Just look at the first photo, that’s how they make tea.  Dim sum is good too, both taste and appearance.

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Wedding Photo – Behind the Scene

May 5th, 2009 Tony Hon 1 comment

It’s the wedding photo day, on day 3 of my trip.  We were exhausted from yesterday’s shopping already, and today’s work is tired as hell.  But we had 3 photographers to go with us, and I really hope this turns out good.  They are photographers that really like taking photos, I can tell from their equipments and ways to take photos.  I should have the wedding photo in a few days, let’s wait.


Link to the Wedding Photo behind the scene.

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First date in a boat

May 3rd, 2009 Tony Hon 1 comment

Just waiting for the supper to meeting half of her family, and there was a river beside it.  We went to rent a electric boat for 30 minutes, for $30 RMB ($5 CAD!).  Well, really cheap for that, relaxing.  Here is some photo, before I ate the 12 to 14 dishes ( I didn’t count, it’s just a lot) of supper, we had to places the dishes on top of other dishes.  Sigh, how come I have so much food.

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May 1st, 2009 Tony Hon 1 comment

After months of virtual planning and remote coordinating, it has finally began.  I am seating in Vancouver Airport, waiting for my flight to Hong Kong.   3 more hours to get on the plane, 16 hours more hours to see my wife.  There is no turning back (note : not that I want to), all is set and go.  I look a little lost in the picture…Ron’s probably doing a Photoshop of me and add captions.

Tony Hon in Vancouver Airport

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